Thursday, September 8, 2011

Signed Up for Commission Domination

I have recently signed up for Commission Domination to test out how it works and whether it is worth it or not.

The Details of the Sale

After the (lengthy) video sales process, I got to the purchase page for the product. Simple enough to fill out, and for $47 it seems like a good deal.

Of course, after you hit the first submit button they bring you to an upsell page. The page is for their add on product for generating larger traffic volumes and I think some niche marketing tactics. This upsell was about $297 or around there. I decided to pass on this until I confirmed the base model worked.

What You Get

So, what happens after you buy? You get emailed to you a URL, user name (your email address) and a password. When you log on the first thing you see is a video from Anik (the guru) welcoming you to the program and he gives you a quick blurb about what do to.

Below the video is five links. The titles and description is below:
  • Start - seems to take you back to the log-in page
  • Cash Launchpad - the app, which is one of the key items in your purchase
  • A-Z Training - a link to download about 30 PDFs that cover a whole range of topics from Affiliate Marketing to SEO.
  • VIP Members - links to their upsell sites
  • Make Money - links to other related products
Initial Impressions

So far, I have reviewed all the video instructions for the Cash Launchpad. In their five steps, what they show you is:
  • how to find a niche market (related to a click bank products)
  • get a good URL for it and install it (you need to use a host that supports certain functions)
  • how to "energize" your site - this is their special app that will connect to your site and load web pages suited for info product marketing (one the real values of this purchase)
  • how to customize your site, using some of their templates (and their web host)
  • and how to use their tool to "promote" your site - which is really just pinging your URL to a bunch of search engines, which is really useless to get ranked (or really even noticed)
My thought is the real value is their template system for creating a good affiliate marketing site. I will be trying soon to see how it works.

For those interested so far, click here to buy.

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