Friday, September 30, 2011

Commission Domination - I am DONE

I am updating to say that I have tried the C0mmission Domination site and I have mixed feelings about it. But not mixed enough to prevent me from asking for a refund (which I did today).

Commission Domination - The Good

What they teach in the videos make sense and I get what the benefit of their education and product is. They really go into niche marketing techniques and they have their app that helps you create a site optimized for affiliate marketing.

The high level process is straight forward:
  • They show you how to research some niche markets with Google's keyword tool
  • They guide you on getting a URL and web hosting (both which they recommend using their "preferred" vendors - i.e. they likely get a commission)
  • You then use their "Launchpad" software configure the website your need setup (you will need to their app access your admin functions of the website)
  • They it pings a bunch of search engines to get it noticed

Commission Domination - The Bad

While conceptually I like most of what they do, the big win I was expecting was their Launchpad software optimizing my website. In their videos, you see what the base Wordpress site looked like before, and what it looks like after the software "Energizes" the site.

However, the "Energize" process did not work. I saw a file on the website called "Energize" after I did the process with their app, but no changes happened to my website.

Now this alone would not all me. The first video from Anik Singal says his support guys are there to help and you just need to email them if there is an issue. Well let me tell you - I emailed them 5 times over 2 weeks and I never received a response from them. I have issues with companies who will sell you a product, claim they support, then never do and sit there enjoying my cash. That is bullshit! And the more annoying part is, once you sign up, you get tons of spam from Anik, almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Apparently they have time to sell me more broken products but no time to fix the one they sold us.

So I do not recommend Commission Domination. I have requested a refund from Click Bank today, which will be processed in one day. I will keep you posted on that.

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